The curriculum of St. Clare School is driven by the standards of the state of California and the Diocese of San Jose. These standards contain guidelines for each curricular subject, including topics of study, skills and other learning opportunities. For specific information about state standards, please see the Content Standards Web Site of the California Department of Education. In partnership with Santa Clara University, St. Clare School is a Blended Learning school.

We offer full-day Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten, core subjects in first through eighth grade, Blended Learning methods and technology for all students, Spanish language instruction, music, art, a variety of extracurricular activities including student council, after-school sports and a homework assistance program.

Our faculty and staff are caring, compassionate, qualified and willing to share their many talents with students and the community at large. Curriculum requirements in each grade follow the standards of the Diocese of San Jose and the State of California. In addition to math, language arts, science, PE and social studies, religion instruction occurs throughout the day at all levels.

St Clare School Academics


STREAM is the integration of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math to assist in the development of skills that are the very foundation of our Catholic faith. Learn more about each of these departments below.

>Science & Technology
>English Language Arts

St Clare School - Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Teachers at St. Clare School, a Drexel School, are enrolled in the Academy of Blended Learning (ABL) through Santa Clara University. Teachers use tools and practices learned to maximize the use of technology and advanced content to make the students’ learning experience more flexible, personalized, and lasting. Drexel Schools use the station rotation model of blended learning, a combination of teacher-led and individualized instruction using digital content on the iPad. In this model, students receive instruction targeted to their needs from data provided to teachers daily. The advantage of this model of instruction is that it maintains the traditional classroom structure while allowing more opportunity for the teacher to offer individualized instruction. Each student receives individualized, online content instruction; traditional teacher-led group instruction; and small group project-based, hands-on learning experiences every day.

Individualized Instruction

Individualized Instruction

At St. Clare School, we believe that each student can benefit from individualized instruction. When needed, a plan is designed for each student using data-driven instructions.

St Clare School - Assessment Data

Assessment Data

Data Driven Assessment

Schools in the Drexel System use the STAR Assessment to analyze student performance in each of the domains of Reading and Math. Each Drexel school has set site specific benchmarks for student performance allowing for teachers to analyze student performance against both the national norm and the local, site expectations. Teachers will re-administer the STAR Assessment as often as necessary to measure student growth, analyze the effectiveness of instructional interventions and provide parents with up-to-date data about how each student is performing and growing in the curriculum.

>Learn more about Student Assessment & Standards Based Report Cards

St Clare School - Common Core Standards

Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards are a set of learning goals for all students in grades K-12. The public schools in California, and in 45 other states, are moving to implement these new standards. More than 100 Catholic dioceses across the nation have chosen to do so as well. In the Diocese of San Jose our elementary schools began to align their instruction to the California Common Core State Standards last year, and are now in full implementation in Kindergarten through eighth grade.

>Learn more about the Common Care State Standards

St Clare School - The Drexel Model

The Drexel Model

Educating generations of students since 1856, St. Clare School provides a rigorous curriculum with innovative methodologies in a faith-based environment. As a Drexel School in the Diocese of San Jose, St. Clare School builds strong academic and spiritual foundations that serve our children well, now and in the future.

The Drexel School System is a resource-rich, cutting-edge approach to Catholic education. Committed to redefining student engagement through robust technology and data-driven instruction, the Drexel School System is Transforming Catholic Education.

The Drexel School System is a transformative approach to Catholic elementary education committed to promoting authentic Catholic schools that are accessible, high achieving and educationally accountable. Drexel Schools seek to prove that the creation of a new model of Catholic schools is possible and scalable. Guided by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the network of Drexel Schools forms the whole person through faith, knowledge, community, and by leveraging the resources and knowledge of a network of Catholic schools. Drexel Schools are recognized for sending forth into the greater community Christ-centered, compassionate, and confident leaders and problem solvers who exercise moral courage and service to others in their daily lives.

>More information about Drexel Schools can be found on the Drexel Schools website.

St Clare School - Partnerships


St. Clare’s partners with Santa Clara University to bring it’s Maker Lab, Meridian Project and America Reads projects to enrich our student’s curriculum.

St Clare School Collaboration and Teacher Development

Collaboration and Teacher Development

Our faculty and staff are able to enrich their learning and development by being a part of the Drexel school system.