Student Assessment

Each student in Transitional Kindergarten to eighth grade will receive a report card at the end of each trimester grading period. Parents and students in grades 6-8 can view grades online using PowerSchool.

Instruction at St. Clare School is driven by the standards of the state of California and the Diocese of San Jose. These standards contain guidelines for each curricular subject, including topics of study, skills and other learning opportunities.The teachers at St. Clare School use a variety of assessment tools— including tests, quizzes, written work, projects, reading inventories, observations, etc.—to identify what students are ready to learn and how they can best guide students’ progress. Teachers review student work and evaluate progress towards meeting the standards.

Standards Based Report Cards
- Transitional Kindergarten to Fifth Grade

Standards based report cards give an accurate and detailed report of a student’s academic progress. The Standards based report card demonstrates the students understanding or mastery of the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn. These report cards provide information on how well an individual student is doing in relation to the grade level standards, not the work of other students. Parents are able to understand more clearly what is expected of the student and how to help them be successful.