Testimonial 5

When education is more than just 1-2-3 or A-B-C.  When you are looking for the “whole person” education.  When you want to look at your children and see intelligent and caring good citizens smiling back at you … then what you are seeking for them is a good Catholic education.  St. Clare School is a hidden gem among the wonderful schools within the SJ Diocese Catholic Schools System. Academically, the school have strong stats, but it is also one of the most diverse schools around.  There is cultural, social economics, and even religious diversity. Being able to work with and socialize among people of all backgrounds and believes is key to doing well in our current Silicon Valley. St. Clare School is also a Drexel School and hence have incorporated technology and new teaching methodologies into everyday learning.  This marriage of technology and learning is another critical key factor to success in today’s world. When it comes to private high schools, nearly all of St. Clare graduates get into their first or second or both of choices. They not only get in but continues to do well. This has been the case with my daughter, who graduated from St. Clare School and is now at Notre Dame High School in San Jose.  I can go on and on but do your own research and be sure to include your student in the evaluation process. I am sure at the end of your journey, St. Clare School will be on top of your list as it was for us.

~Jasmine V. (Emma, Alumni 2018 & Andrew Gr. 7)

Carla Rippstein