Testimonials 3

Two of the main reasons my husband and I chose St. Clare’s Elementary School is the location and the celebration of diversity. St. Clare’s Elementary School is located across the street from Santa Clara University. My husband and I wanted the extra influence that education should not stop at high school and should continue through college. We wanted our two children to be exposed to a university as early as possible and that it is a natural progression in their education. St. Clare’s Elementary partners with Santa Clara University as much as possible. From having their annual Jog-A-Thon at Bellomy Field, attending children’s plays at Louis B. Meyer Theatre, visiting the Santa Clara Mission and having sporting events at Leavey Center, St. Clare understands their unique location and takes full advantage of it. St. Clare also knows the importance of celebrating and understanding other cultures. They have an annual multicultural dinner which allows people to share their culture and to experience foods from around the world. During the school year, they also celebrate el día de los muertos and lunar new year. It is the unique location and the observance of different cultures in both the school and parish that led us to choose St. Clare.

~Rex & Becky A.  (Illiana, Alumni 2018 & Emilio Gr. 6)

Carla Rippstein